Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Joining the blogosphere

I guess I should start my very first post by telling you all why I am joining.
First, there’s always been this temptation to do so since I started reading people’s blog. I wanted to have my own space, my very own to be as passionate as I want to be about topics that matter to me. I'll use this blog as a way to reflect on things, or rant. Also talk about my ongoing quest for stronger iman, and random stuff.
So, here I am, another blogger, whose points of view you will possibly agree or disagree with. I will accept all comments and expect healthy and respectful discussions.
Welcome to my place !

Until next time,



hijabee said...

Welcome fellow blogger after being a commenter for so long lol! It was about time lol! Can't wait to read your thoughts! I will be stalking for sure lol

Diali said...

As much as I have been stalking you?
About that, when will you post???
As a stalker I need my daily hijabee posts fix!!

hijabee said...

lol. I'm putting you in Rehab for a while...>so I won't post so as not to interfere with your Rehab program! In the meanwhile, I will be stalking ur blog :-p

Diali said...


Anonymous said...

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